As the sun rises over our tranquil, landscaped grounds, our friendly staff prepare Resort 12 for the day. Clients gather for morning meditation at 7am, before a nutritious breakfast at 8. All clients take part in a short community meeting at 9 where concerns and affirmations are openly shared, before each begins their bespoke schedule of therapies and breakout groups.

Much of the late afternoon is devoted to fitness and wellness activities, whether in Resort 12’s dedicated outdoor pool, its serene yoga studio or in the large, fully equipped gym on The Cabin’s neighbouring site, where personal trainers help them work towards their fitness goals. This is also the time each client meets with their principal clinician to review their progress and refine their ongoing schedules.

The LGBT+ community is disproportionately affected by addiction because of the way we grow up and ongoing prejudice and stress we face from mainstream society. A facility like Resort 12 that addresses these issues specifically and sensitively is sorely needed

Matthew Todd, Former editor of Attitude magazine and author of the book Straight Jacket

After an excellent dinner showcasing both authentic local and international cuisine, clients share their insights, fears and hopes in supportive group, 12-step meetings before ending the day with meditation, massages or yoga.

Weekends follow a different routine. On Saturdays, while clients take part in core group and therapy sessions, we also offer salon treatments such as haircuts and manicures, and cinema therapy, a chance for clients to watch and discuss a movie together. On Sundays, clients choose from a selection of excursions in the beautiful local area, from visiting elephant parks or ancient temples to cycle tours, golf and white-water rafting.