Resort 12’s unique services are available on an inpatient basis on our 20-bedroom site in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Within its well-appointed private surroundings, we take care of our clients’ every need, through stylish and spacious guest accommodation, healthy catering, extensive leisure facilities and caring, attentive staff. Far from the triggers and stressors of their daily lives, our clients are free to focus all their energies on successful recovery.

Resort 12’s ground-breaking treatment model combines a broad range of the most successful therapies in treating addiction and trauma, uniquely combined for each client’s specific needs and circumstances. On arrival, clients meet several members of our expert teams for an individual six-part assessment. This explores their needs from medical, behavioural, clinical, fitness, nutrition and holistic perspectives, all of which help us create the best possible treatment plan for each client.

Our focus is on treating the whole person. While our experts have had great success in treating addiction as an illness, new research shows that more than half of people with addictions also suffer from unresolved trauma. We identify all co-occurring issues that may be contributing to clients’ situations to effectively address them all in an integrated way.

The proven individual and group therapies we use include psychoanalysis, mindfulness meditation, an adapted 12- step model, eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR), art therapy and yoga. Many of the optional breakout groups we offer are also open to clients from The Cabin, so each Resort 12 client can choose exactly how integrated they want their recovery to be with the broader community. We also support clients’ journeys to better physical health with a variety of fitness and wellness activities.

The Cabin is in the unique position of having its own on-site hospital. Should Resort 12 clients need to detox before they can safely begin their recovery treatment, highly trained medical staff there ensure clients’ comfort and well-being during this important first stage. Thereafter they can begin their bespoke schedules of therapies and wellness activities within our small, supportive community of LGBT+ peers.

Recovery is the key to freedom, and freedom is the key to life. When we get the freedom from addiction, we can do anything, we can be who we really are, instead of having to live our lives behind masks

Fat Tony, Brand Ambassador, Resort 12