At Resort 12, we offer freedom. Freedom from distress, freedom from inner conflict, freedom from behaviours that harm health, hurt others and prevent people affected by addictions and trauma from being all they can be. We help our clients develop the ability to be present and face reality, even when life is challenging, knowing they are strong and supported by techniques, tools and expert networks committed to their success.

We empower our clients to replace shame with contentment, frustration with self-knowledge, isolation with connection and anxiety with calm, clear focus. Many report discovering powerful new reserves of positive energy once they are supported in leaving behind a harmful dependency or resolving trauma they have spent their whole lives supressing. With a new future ahead of them, they can enjoy health, hope, relationships and careers more than they had ever imagined.

When I began recovery 20 years ago I was shocked to find how much energy I had wasted on my addictions. My so-called ‘addictive personality’ enabled me to achieve so much once channelled in new, positive directions. It’s one of the reasons I passionately wanted to develop Resort 12, to help others discover their full potential

Mark Herman, Brand Director, Resort 12