Our smart residential facilities, set in tranquil grounds in a scenic location close to Chiang Mai, are exclusively dedicated to the needs of LGBT+ people experiencing substance and behavioural addictions and mental health issues. Backed through our parent company The Cabin by a global network of expertise and services proven to deliver exceptional success rates, our holistic, personalised and confidential treatment empowers clients to transform their lives.

Studies have shown that LGBT+-specific treatment programmes are much more successful than generic ones. We guarantee a safe and confidential sanctuary with a culture of understanding, respect and support, regardless of sexual and gender identities. Here clients can fully benefit from the care of our empathetic, nurturing therapists and staff, and the shared experience of peers.

We tailor integrated psychological and physical programmes to each client’s needs, using the ground-breaking treatment model pioneered by The Cabin. This has an outstanding client completion rate and a global reputation as one of the most successful rehab programmes anywhere. Our clients also enjoy stylish, spacious guest accommodation, excellent health, fitness and relaxation facilities and the healing qualities of the site’s captivating setting in Mae Rim, close to vibrant Chiang Mai.

Our proven treatment teaches clients the essential skills to let go of addictions and trauma, understand their motivations, establish healthy new behaviours and move with hope towards brighter, fulfilled futures.

The harmful impact of substance abuse on LGBT+ lives across the globe requires a skilled, culturally-competent approach tailored to the unique characteristics of this population. Resort 12 is an important and much-needed resource that expands life-saving access to recovery from addiction in the LGBT+ community.

David Fawcett PhD, LCSW, Author of Lust, Men and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery