Known around the world as the ‘land of smiles’, Thailand is an exceptionally welcoming destination, with a strong history of tolerance of people with ‘alternative’ sexualities and gender identities. Its powerful spiritual dimension, symbolised by its ubiquitous Buddhist monks in saffron-coloured robes, also makes it the perfect place to reconnect with oneself, cultivate mindfulness, and find new focus.

On the mountainous outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s vibrant second city, and less than an hour from the airport, Resort 12 is surrounded by pristine nature, with views from the landscaped grounds of lush, jungle-cloaked peaks and valleys. Far from their habitual stressors and triggers, addiction and trauma clients can make a truly fresh start here – a complete change of environment has been shown to dramatically increase recovery success.

Blessed with one of the world’s favourite cuisines, Thailand offers delicious and diverse food to revive jaded appetites and make establishing new, healthy eating habits an adventure.

We encourage our clients to discover many of the area’s most captivating experiences on the weekly excursions we offer, ranging from kayaking in a stunning national park to Thai cookery classes to jungle trekking. For clients who choose not to reveal the reason for their stay in Thailand to friends, relatives and colleagues at home, these are ideal opportunities to take photographs of an exotic ‘holiday’

And because the cost of living in Thailand is comparatively low, we are able to offer our fully comprehensive services, premium accommodation and extensive leisure facilities for around half of what they would cost in Western countries.