Slightly cooler and less humid than central and southern parts of Thailand, subtropical Chiang Mai has three seasons – hot, warm and wet. Falling between March and May, the hot season sees temperatures rise to 35 degrees Celsius or more. Still relatively warm, the warm season runs from November to February, when temperatures average a very comfortable 20 to 25 degrees. Evenings, particularly in December and January, can be quite cool at this time, so warm clothes are often needed outdoors.

From May to October, as the southwest monsoon arrives from India, temperatures of up to 31 degrees with high humidity are relieved most days by refreshing, often heavy showers, which keep the dramatic local landscapes lush and green.

Within our private, landscaped grounds, Resort 12’s varied array of stylish indoor and outdoor spaces means that, whatever the weather, clients can always find the perfect place to work with therapists, socialise, relax or take time alone.