Breaking the cycle of drink dependancy

Because it is an accepted part of so many cultures, alcohol is the most widely abused substance on Earth. Its misuse can follow many patterns, from occasional but heavy binge drinking to moderate but daily consumption to full-blown alcoholism. This can drive those affected to drink from morning till night to keep painful and frightening withdrawal symptoms at bay. Excessive use of alcohol can lead to more than 60 diseases including several cancers, erectile dysfunction, depression and death. Among LGBT+ people, alcohol use is higher than average, and lesbian and bisexual women show the highest rates of alcoholism in the LGBT+ population.

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol withdrawal can be the most dangerous of any substance withdrawal. We support clients who may need to detox before starting recovery in our fully equipped hospital with 24-hour clinical and psychological expertise. After this process, which usually takes just a few days, clients join their peers in a nurturing schedule of core group and individual therapies, plus a bespoke menu of breakout groups that align with their particular experience of dependency and any other co-occurring psychological challenges.

Our empathetic Western-trained and licensed therapists have years of experience treating all forms of alcohol addiction, and many of them draw on insights hard-won through their own successful recoveries.