CAP – our ChemSex Abstinence Project

Statement issued at the 2nd European ChemSex Forum, Berlin 2018:
The problematic ChemSex experience can be driven by intersecting factors including adverse child-hood experiences and the overwhelming fear, stigma and discrimination too commonly associated with LGBTQ history, in general, and HIV/AIDS in particular.

These factors can induce a syndemic of problems and involve loneliness, depression and sexual and/or emotional inhibition. ChemSex can promise sexual and emotional connection through disinhibition as a way out of loneliness and emptiness. Some LGBTQ people have the self-care skills to manage the risks involved with this phenomenon while many others do not.

What is CAP

Our ChemSex Abstinence Project is a six-week treatment programme tailored specifically towards equipping clients with effective strategies and tools to overcome the lethal combination of crystal meth and sex addiction and/or problematic sexual behaviour.

It is suitable for gay men who have tried multiple approaches including harm reduction, one-to-one counselling, outpatient case management or short-term interventions and found that they cannot break free.

We use group sessions and individual counselling to educate clients about triggers, about the effects of these drugs on the brain, as well as related issues such as drug induced psychosis, self-care, support systems and relapse prevention.

Combining empathy and expertise

Our programme is led by counsellors who are all ChemSex survivors with multiple years of abstinence and recovery. They have drawn upon their personal experience, clinical knowledge and years of experience working with the LGBT+ community, to develop a supportive template for healing and surefire winning strategies to beat cravings and triggers for good.

Why residential treatment is best for overcoming ChemSex addiction

Removal from triggers is one of the most helpful factors to any individual trying to achieve recovery. Our serene resort-style environment located in the foothills of northern Thailand allows you to put that much needed distance between yourself and the people places and things that remind you of your ChemSex behaviour so that you can really focus on you.

What’s also powerful is being able to sit in a room with seven to 10 other gay men who are all trying to beat ChemSex and be able to identify with common issues and experiences, feel less lonely and be able to develop a greater sense of unity and belonging.

In residential treatment the therapy goes on 24/seven. Outside of group therapy and the one-to- one counselling sessions, you will continue to learn as you and your peers share with each other your struggles and successes. Bonds are built and friends are made for life as you walk the same path together.

The best part is knowing that your support network will be available to you for as long as you require it after leaving the sanctuary of R12. We have online continuing care support groups that are free to attend. There is also the option for online individual counselling with an R12 counsellor as you rebuild a new, stronger and more confident life, completely free from ChemSex.