Unlocking the grip of substance addiction

It is possible to develop highly compromising addictions to a wide range of drugs. These can range from those wellknown to cause serious damage such as heroin, crystal meth and crack cocaine, to less potent substances often seen as harmless indulgences like marijuana, to a wide range of prescription pharmaceuticals. The physical effects of such addictions range from headaches and high blood pressure to brain damage and fatal heart attacks, while psychological symptoms include depression, paranoia and suicidal impulses. Other consequences can include the loss of employment, relationships and financial security.

Among LGBTQ people rates of addiction are between three and four times higher than across the general population. Resort 12 offers a safe space where the circumstances and consequences of drug use can be openly explored as they relate to a diverse variety of lifestyles. The Cabin’s world-renowned and unique therapeutic model and proven addiction recovery techniques shape the main treatment we offer for clients with substance abuse issues. Our clinicians are highly experienced and have well-documented success in treating dependencies on substances including methamphetamines, cocaine, yaba, MDMA and marijuana.

Beyond this, the range of supplementary therapies that we offer ensures that clients can resolve not just their substance-driven behaviours, but also the underlying psychological issues that make them want to use. In most cases these are rooted in distressing early-life experience. Strengthening clients’ resolve to leave their compulsions behind, these additional therapies help relieve the impulses that drive them to seek refuge in their substance of choice.