As co-travellers, welcome or otherwise, in every individual’s formative life, close family are highly significant in personal development. We understand that, particularly in the cases of LGBT+ people, ‘family’ may come to mean a tight-knit group of trusted friends rather than biological relatives, whose rejection may be a core cause of trauma or addiction – or a combination of both. We actively encourage all our clients to make the best use of whatever strengths and supports exist in their family of choice to help their recovery.

A signature feature of all treatments offered by Resort 12 is the inclusion of three days of complimentary family therapy. We invite client-chosen significant others to share dedicated, therapist-guided sessions and unstructured time as determined by the individual client. This process powerfully clarifies any co-dependencies which may complicate our client’s recovery, and identifies ways to resolve them. The result is typically a strong, supportive immediate network ready to nurture the client on their return to ‘normal life’, whose members know better how to help both the client and themselves in challenging circumstances.

We take a systemic view of the role of the family in each client’s story, and when a shared understanding can be established of how each family member’s behaviours impact on and depend on those of the people close to them, we can help all those involved lead healthier and happier lives. Studies have proved that involving a client’s closest relatives or friends significantly increases the chances of recovery success and reduces the chances of relapse.