Resolving the impacts of inner conflict

While recent years have seen increased understanding of the devastating effects mental disorders can have on people’s lives, mainstream healthcare still has far to go before these diverse and difficult-to-define conditions are given the treatment they deserve. Although ‘invisible’, mental health issues, which include depression, anxiety and debilitating stress, are widespread. This is especially true among LGBT+ people, largely on account of the isolating and undermining social pressures and internal conflicts they face because of their ‘alternative’ gender or sexual identities. 41% of trans people have for example attempted suicide, compared to 3% of the overall population.

Stigma and shame often cause people living with mental health problems to suffer in silence, fearing being seen as weak and self-indulgent. Symptoms however are very real, ranging from panic attacks to suicidal impulses, and triggering physical effects such as high blood pressure, loss of sex drive and insomnia. Mental health conditions often co-occur with addictions, but can be no less debilitating on their own.

Frequently, a mental health issue can manifest as a behavioural or ‘process’ addiction. These can include dependencies on sex, food, the Internet, gambling and many other pursuits. Behavioural addictions have increased dramatically in recent years, and can cause as much damage to the lives of those suffering with them as substancerelated habits. And while physical dependency is not a symptom of these behaviours, a specific challenge is that with the exception of gambling, complete abstention from most of them is not possible or desirable, so successful treatment must reintegrate them into clients’ lives in safe, healthy new ways.

We tailor our treatment to the individual needs of each client, creating personalised recovery plans that integrate excellent psychological, physical and spiritual support as appropriate. We combine the unparalleled range of core and specialised therapies we provide with guidance from our highly qualified practitioners, many of whom have won their expertise through initially confronting and defeating their own mental health challenges.