Standing strong under pressure

Relapse is a very real danger for people in recovery from an addiction. Past studies, by bodies including the American Medical Association’s JAMA Network, show that more than 50% of people recovering from a drug addiction will relapse within a year of becoming sober. LGBT+ people are at still higher risk due to the pressures of marginalisation and other factors.

Experts often compare the process of relapse to the collapse of a line of dominos, with one ‘trigger’ factor following another, making it hard for the recovering person to see what is happening until they have used again. That’s why the best treatments today put a key emphasis on relapse prevention, equipping clients with a range of tools and techniques specifically designed to support them when they face the urge to relapse.

These range from developing a clear understanding of the causes of an addiction to identifying the stressors and triggers which are likely to prompt a client to use, so that these can be foreseen and avoided. Further effective measures include establishing empowering new thought patterns through mindfulness practice and psychotherapy, constructive time management and healthy diet and exercise habits.

At Resort 12, we build strategies for relapse prevention into the treatment plan of every vulnerable client. We offer a dedicated breakout group on the subject, and continue to support our clients after they leave us with comprehensive aftercare activities so that they have the best possible chance of successful, lasting recovery.